Complete Guide to Buy Washing Machine Online || Best Washing Machine 2021

If you are looking to buy washing machine then this is best and very short article for you. Now days washing machines are in every house but it hard to decide which washing machine you should buy. 99% people confuse between brand like IFB, LG or online brands like MarQ. So Here you get all information within next 2-3 min only.

Washing Machine Buying guide

Here is Basic Information About Washing Machines while buying

1. Front Load or Top Load : If you have good budget then always go for front load washing machine because front load machine are much better than top load but price is almost double compare to Top load. Many people may be ask you that top load is better than front load but that's not the true as people purchase low quality and cheap rate model of front load washing machine and then advise to buy top load. So always buy good model. If budget is low then buy Top load machine instead of low quality front load.

2. Select Size (KG)  : If you are family of 4-5 people then go with 8kg, if 3 people then 7kg.

3. Fully Automatic or Semi : As 90% user already know that fully automatic is better so go with fully automatic if there is no issue of Budget

4. Brand: I always recommend you to buy IFB or LG washing machine as both brand machine are tried by me and both are very good.You can buy other brand also like Samsung, Whirlpool etc. Just see the price of models among all brands and decide according to price. Must check rating of model before buy.

5. Offline or Online : I always recommend you to buy online because online you get all the model available and delivery is almost now available in small cities also. Big thing is you get high discount compare to offline market as online sites give price drop and extra 10% discount using bank cards in sales and sales comes almost every 2 weeks or even less time.

Most important thing is when you buy then always check ratings and multiple youtube reviews of same product. It need time but you will never regret that you buy wrong model if you do this.

Hope you like our very short guide about washing machine. More products guides will be publish soon so keep checking our blog.

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