Best Laptop To Buy in 2021 || Laptop Buying Guide

 If you are looking to buy laptop then this 2 min very short article is for you. Currently laptop demand is very high and also every company like dell, HP trying to sell its laptop by saying its the best even if there are many laptop which are far better. so we will tell you which laptop you should buy in 2021 that has all the feature and which model are value for money.

Laptop Buying Guide 2021

Here is basic information about laptop features.

1. Select Screen size: 1st you need to select which size screen laptop you want to buy 14 inch or 15.6 inch. both sizes are commonly. I always recommend 15.6 inch because you get more space to check your work or if you playing game then also you feel happy on large screen.

2. Select Price range: Now select the price you want to pay. In 2021 you get a very good laptop around Rs.50,000 with all the specification. In 30-35k range you get i3 process easily,In 50k range you should get minimum i5 processor.

3. Storage Type: There are two type of storage HDD and SSD or combination of both. HDD is slow and old technology but its cheap. SSD is very fast but you need to pay more money for this. There are laptop with combination of both also in which SSD size is 128 or 256GB with 500GB HDD that a good solution if you want to spend less and want god speed.I always prefer SSD only.

4. Processor : Now days mostly people buy processor of Intel because intel have making processor from long time and people trust on intel but now days AMD processor also very good. AMD processor provide more value for money. So to save money you can go with AMD processors.

5.For what you are Buying ? : Now if you want to play games then you should buy gaming laptops, if you want normal office work laptop like only MS office usage then no need to buy heavy laptop by paying huge amount. 

Best Online Laptops Links to Buy in 2021

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