How to Make Verified Paypal Id In India ?

Today we will guide you how to make verified paypal id in India to receive payments. Paypal is international platform to send and receive amount and it used by almost everyone who do international transaction. Its usage is worldwide as similar as paytm is used in India.

Specially Facebook Research App user verify your paypal id before 15th Aug to get payment from  else payment will be failed and you have to mail them to resend payment and have to verify paypal id before mail them.

Watch Step By Step Hindi Guide Here -> How to Make Paypal ID in India ?

  • Bank Account
  • Pan Card number


1.Goto Paypal website and Click on Signup for Free

Paypal Signup

2.Select Shopper ID (i.e. Personal ID).

Paypal Shopper ID

3.Enter your details and set any password.

Details for Signup

4.Now it ask to enter your card details but skip it by clicking on I"ll link my card later because card is not required to receive payment.

skip Card details on paypal

5.Again skip if its asking card details by clicking on Goto Your Account.

6.Now you have to do 4 things and you will be eligible to receive International payments.
  • Verify Mobile Number and Email-ID
  • Save Purpose Code
  • Add Bank Account and confirm it after 4-5 days
  • Add Pan Card Number

7. Request Desktop Site if you are using mobile. 

request Desktop Site in chrome

8. After Desktop view Goto this link and from your left side complete all 3 given things Personal Information, Purpose Code and Add Bank.

9.Save purpose code by selecting any code include Advertisement like P1007 or P1016.

select purpose code

10. Add Bank account by opening step 8 link.

Add Bank Account

11.After add Bank account details.Paypal will send you 2 small amounts in 4-5 days from Rs.1 to Rs.2. That two amounts you have to enter on paypal to confirm bank account. Enter exact same amount you got in your bank account. Both amount will be different or same sent by paypal. So check it by net banking or bank apps or visit your bank branch.

confirm bank account

12.Now Add Pan Card in Personal Information by opening step 8 link.

Add Pan Card on paypal

13.Now do not forget to verify your email id and Mobile number.

Note: For Mobile number OTP will come after click on Resend confirmation code Button.

Confirm mobile number

Congrats your paypal id is ready to receive international payments like from Facebook Research App or Google. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q1: Still Paypal showing notification of Local & International payments and GST ?
Do not worry if its showing you notification about complete steps to receive Local and International payments. That Notification is for India to India payments. You can complete that also by doing KYC but its not necessary for Facebook Research or any other international payment.That Necessary for Local payments only. Means to receice amount from any Indian user only.
Notification about GST is not required to complete.That is done if you are purchasing anything big using paypal and want to claim Input Tax on that Purchase.

Q2: How to Add Multiple Email ids on Paypal ?
Ans. Just Click on  "+" Symbol near Email ID and you can add upto 8 email ids and you can receive payment on that all 8 email ids and it will credit in your bank account. You can add only unregistered email ids in your paypal ids.
Add multiple email ids on paypal

Q3: Will I receive amount if my paypal is not verify ?
Ans. No. If your paypal id is not verify then amount sent by anyone to your paypal id will be failed.So verify it.

Q4: How to withdraw amount from paypal to Indian Bank account ?
Ans. Paypal balance will be auto withdraw to your bank account daily at 7am. It will cut from paypal at 7am but credit in your bank account within 2 to 5 days. If its not auto cut from paypal that means there is some problem in your paypal id.

Q5: Paypal showing balance in USD or Pounds how to withdraw that ?
Ans. Paypal will send your balance after convert it to your local currency so do not worry if its showing your final balance in USD or any other currency.

Hope you understand completely How to Make Paypal id In India and withdraw amount in Indian Bank account. If still you have any question then comment below and we will reply you quickly.

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