10 Things That You Must Know About Facebook Research App

Many user are asking me many question about facebook research App daily on whatsapp or facebook so I am writing this post with all the answer that you must know if you install facebook research app.
so let start all the common question and answer one by one.

Q1 : How to make paypal id ?
Ans. On paypal you have to make shopper id (i.e. Personal id) by going to paypal website. You just need to complete steps to receive international payment. After register on paypal. Click on notification and see there is 3 notification. Click on notification that ask for international payments only. Click ok. If notification not showing then click here. Recommend to use computer or Laptop because paypal did not work properly from mobile.

paypal international

Now just complete 4 things
  • Verify email id
  • Confirm Bank account ( It takes 4-5 days because they send you 2 small amount in your bank account and you have to enter that amount on paypal to verify your bank account)
  • Enter Pan card number in personal Information
  • Save Purpose Code (Select P1007 or P1016)
No need to link your card on paypal and No need to complete KYC for local and international payment.

Q2: How to Get Multiple User payment in same paypal Id ?
Ans. On Paypal you can add upto 8 email id on single paypal id and can receive payment on all 8 email ids at same time so add multiple email ids on paypal and you get amount in same paypal id.To add email ids on paypal just goto home page and click on + symbol near your email id.

Q3: What are the necessary step to get Payment ?
  • You must be active daily and VPN should be active daily except 1-2 days.
  • Use mobile daily minimum 1-2 hour when VPN is activated like using any app or website in your mobile.
  • Never delete app because it can be change your active date.
  • Remove Battery Optimization restriction from Facebook research app so it will never close.Its not necessary but recommend to do so it will solve Accessibility turn off problem also that some user face.
  • In Mi mobile Goto setting -> Battery -> Choose apps -> Facebook Research App -> No restrictions
  • In Lenovo Goto setting -> Battery -> click on 3 dots at corner -> Battery Optimization -> Select all Apps from drop down list -> Facebook research app -> Don't Optimize
  • In Android One Goto setting -> battery -> facebook reseach app -> battery optimization -> All app -> facebook research -> No optimization
  • If using Mi mobile then turn on Autostart also.
Q4:Which user will get Payment on 15-16th August ?
Ans. User whose installation confirm date is 20th July or earlier will get payment on 16th August early morning in paypal. You must remain active 20 days in these days without deleting the app only then you receive amount.User whose confirmation date is after 20th July they will get amount on 16th sep early morning.

Q5: Is Registration closed ?
Ans. Registration are open but link to changed to refer friends. Now invite mail is going in 1 sec. Just invite friends using this new link.

Q6: How Can I change my paypal email id for payment ?
Ans. If your register email id and paypal email id is same then you do not need to do anything. If its different then simply mail them or on 14th August you can change payment email id. I will guide you on 14th August about this by making a simple video. You have to just change email id in 10 second.

Q7: What to do if you delete app and want to re-install ?
Ans. Just simply install again from same download link and use same Old code you will start getting payment again.

Q8: What to do if app make internet slow ?
Ans. On Mi Mobile you can disconnect VPN for few mins and connect again.To disconnect click on notification and click disconnect. To connect simply open app. I not know about other brand. Tip. Turn off net and turn on again.You can try by turn off VPN from setting. Just turn off do not delete VPN and do for few hour only and turn on again.

Q9: What if You do not have paypal verify account on payment day ?
Ans. You can get amount in future together if still you do not have verify paypal id.They will send you payment on every month 2 times 2nd and 16th of Month in case payment failed.

Q10: Can I get payment on my friend or family member paypal id ?
Ans. Yes you can get payment on any paypal id. Its not necessary to get payment on your named paypal id.Just change payment details on 14th July in just 10 seconds. We will guide about how to change on 14th July.

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