Big Updates About Facebook Research App [Must Read]

Recently we post about Facebook Research app and made a youtube video also in Hindi to provide full support to all of you. Now its time to make sure some steps complete by you to get payment on 15th June.

Verified Paypal Id

Almost all user make id on paypal and verified bank account and Pan Card but they did not select Purpose code so make sure you must select purpose code also else payment will be failed.

  • Login on Paypal website from computer because from mobile it does not work properly.Make id by select shopper option and verify your id.
  • Open this link and see your pending verification things.
  • Select Purpose code from Here. Select P1007 or P1016
Before 15th June must get payment from any app on paypal so you will 100% sure that paypal id is verified. Best option is Vigo app in which you can earn $1 in just 2-3 days and can withdraw instantly in Paypal. If withdraw failed that means your paypal id is not verified.
Here is Full guide in Hindi to Earn -> Vigo Youtube Video in Hindi to Earn Daily Rs.25-30

Who Get Payment on This 15th June

Users who installation is confirm before 21th May and keep app active for minimum 20 days, he will get payment on 15th June.Users whose installation confirm after 20th May will get 1st amount on 15th July. To know your installation confirm date just check 3rd mail sent by facebook research about installation confirmation.

How to Check  Refer ?

There is no way to check your refer. We mail them also about this but they say. You will own active refer based on your next payment. They are making a platform also to check refer but it will take time and after made all users will get a mail about it.

Register But App link and Unique Code not mailed ?

Many user register but they did not get app download link and there own unique code. It depend upon facebook research Team whether include more users or not. SOmetimes they stop registration so they did not mail you app link and unique code. Download link is same for all but to active app every users need their own unique code. So mail them on email id and ask to give you link and your unique code

If still any problem then whatsapp us on our whatsapp number 8194891489