(Rs.5 Lakh Proof) Facebook Research App- $5 Every Month + $10/Refer

Facebook Research App give rewards for just keep it install in your mobile. It run in background.The research app will be generating statistics about how participants use their phone and mobile apps to improve the user experience.

This research project is handle by uTest i.e. Applause. uTest is big name so do not worry about app. Moreover its giving $5 for keep app installed and more than Rs.5000 if you do only 5 refer.You can do more refer to earn more. Its giving $10 Per Month for every invite till he remain active.


  • Android Mobile with Android 6.0 or above version or Apple mobile with iOS version of 8.0 or above
  • Paypal Verified Id to get payment. (You can create paypal id later also)
  • Invite is require to join this research app. (We will invite you for this app)

Steps to Join Facebook Research App

1. This app program is Invite Only. Whatsapp us your full Name and email id on +9181948-91489 so we will invite you.

2.Now wait for few mins to invite mail come. We send invite quickly and reply you on whatsapp.

3.After got 1st mail click on link given in mail and register using your paypal email id. If still not register on paypal then use your same email id while making id on paypal.


4.After register, On next page you will get app download link and your unique code to install app. You will get 2nd mail also instantly with same details.

download facebook research app

5.Download facebook research app and give all necessary permission to app to keep running in background. Keep checking daily app should be active. In Mi mobile its show in notification, In other mobiles its show key icon in notification bar.

Special Instruction for Mi Mobile user

  • Turn on Autostart for app.Goto setting -> Permissions -> Autostart -> turn on AutoStart for Facebbok research
  • In Mi mobile Goto setting -> Battery -> Choose apps -> Facebook Research -> No restrictions
  • Keep checking daily app is showing a notification and active.

Successfully Installed

6.Within 6 hour you will get 3rd mail about to update payment details and refer friends.

refer friends

7.Now again wait for 48 to 72 hour for 4rd mail. In 4rd mail you get app installation confirm mail.

Installation Confirm

7.After 4rd mail come just keep app installed and you will get payment of $5 on 15th of every month. (You must 25 day old user to get 1st payment)

8.Refer friends to earn more.

Refer and Earn

1.To Refer friend click on link Refer a Friend Here

2.Enter your name and your email id and then friends details.

3.Your friend will get Invite mail instantly and ask him to register and download app.

Your Monthly Payout

  • Earn $5 per month for each month you are active in the program
  • Earn $10 per month for each referral that signs up for the project within 30 days of you joining the program and remains active for at least 20 days
  • Earn $5 per month for each referral that signs up for the project after 30 days of you joining the program and remains active for at least 20 days
  • Earn a $20 bonus per month for every five active referrals (e.g., if you have 10 referrals that were active in a given month, you will earn a $40 bonus that month; if you have 15, you will earn $60, etc.)

Full Guide in Hindi Youtube Video

Facebook Research App Payment Proofs

Below proofs are our.Total we receive around Rs.5 Lakh in 3 month.On 16th June we got $1195 USD that is more than Rs.78,000.

facebook research app biggest Payment proof

July and August Payment proof

We got $2485 (Rs.1,63,000 after paypal charges) on 16th July. See video proof including bank statement by Clicking Here.

July Payment proof

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